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What is The Ground_Up Project?

The Ground Up Project is a match-making platform for sustainability - helping entrepreneurs attract professional investors with matching interests. The goal is to make entrepreneurs succeed so that their businesses can address the most important social and environmental issues we face today.
We source, select, and benchmark investment opportunities through the use of proprietary tools (The Value Compass and Portfolio Mapping), provide Investor Readiness services through The Investment Clinic, and increase investor awareness through company visibility on our platform. Our web and mobile infrastructure lowers the cost of origination, and improves data quality and transparency.
Sectors represented on the platform include energy, water, agriculture, agroforestry, transportation, retail, IT and others. The activities of ventures range from helping to resolve issues such as water, energy, sustainable inputs and so on for local communities, as well as creating stronger national and international supply chains and addressing big challenges like climate change, education, food security, fair trade and others.
Yes. We provide a space for impact investors to select, evaluate, and connect entrepreneurs. We help entrepreneurs gain effective exposure to investors, prepare for meeting with investors and to successfully attract capital. We provide entrepreneurs with tools, coaching and relevant professional services, developed with the criteria impact investors use to evaluate investment opportunities. To learn more, visit and The Investment Clinic and/or contact
No, we are not a funding platform.
We are a 'pre-selection' and 'pre-qualification' platform, providing a space for the right companies to be found by the right investors. Once the pre-qualification is successful, investors and companies are able to pursue discussions directly. During the fundraising process, entrepreneurs can benefit from expertise provided by the service providers registered on the platform and through The Investment Clinic.
No, The Ground_Up Project is a commercial enterprise focused on sustainability - facilitating the connection of for-profit sustainability entrepreneurs with impact investors. Through this mission, we do aim to benefit society and the environment.
The Ground_Up Project is based in Geneva, Switzerland. We have a global team of professionals, mentors and volunteers.

Why should I join The Ground_Up Project?

Are you a small or medium sized enterprise that creates value all while making a positive impact on social or environmental issues? Are you looking for funding or to meet with investors? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you should join The Ground_Up Project. After joining you will be able to add your company via the site and you will receive your Value Compass score - immediate feedback concerning how investors might look at your venture and what gaps you might need to address. Investors on the platform are made aware that you joined.
Join today – free of charge - at
The Ground_Up Project believes that small and medium business owners have the largest potential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Unfortunately, more than 50% of these businesses lack access to finance and many of them are not investor-ready. Through partnerships with large international organizations and other networks of entrepreneurs, The Ground_Up Project is assembling the largest online origination platform for deal-flow for sustainability.
The tools offered on the platform (developed in close collaboration with the investment community) are guiding entrepreneurs to collect and share the information investors are looking for when they assess an investment opportunity. Tailored services such as investor readiness through The Investment Clinic is also available.
Unfortunately, as much as we would like to make that guarantee, we cannot.
Our tools and services are designed to improve that likelihood as much as possible, by giving entrepreneurs the guidance and assistance they need to help in their fundraising drives as well as increased investor awareness through visibility on the platform.

Value Compass

Why do I need a Value Compass score?

The Value Compass incorporates the criteria used by investors in the investment selection process. It will analyze, score and benchmark businesses on six dimensions: management strength, operations maturity, social impact, country, financials, and environmental issues. The Value Compass is The Ground_Up Project’s proprietary tool and a cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs to assess investor-readiness, and for investors to source investor-ready entrepreneurs.
There is no “good score” on the Value Compass. The Value Compass allows you to self-assess your business to see where you should focus your attention before meeting with Investors. We offer the Investor Readiness service through The Investment Clinic to get you closer to achieving your funding goal.
The Value Compass score is visible to anyone with an account on the platform. It is important to keep all of your company's information up to date to ensure an accurate Value Compass score.


How much does it cost to sign up?

All users can register on the platform for free. You can purchase Investor Readiness services through The Investment Clinic that help you prepare for meeting investors for a competitive flat fee. To learn more, visit and/or contact


Who has joined The Ground_Up Project?

Over 1000 Entrepreneurs have registered on the platform. They are based all over the world and operate in various sectors (see Insights on our blog) and impact themes (energy, water, climate, FoodTech, EdTech, circular economy, etc.)

The network of Investors is growing both online and offline and The Ground_Up Project is learning the details of their investment strategy in order to better source and pre-qualify impact ventures on the platform.
There are 60+ investors in the network, both online and offline and we are always adding more. The types of investors include, among others: US$Bn scale impact asset managers, London-based US$500M asset manager, US$3Bn+ microfinance debt provider, US based corporate VC, Swiss-based family office, India-based impact asset manager, and others.

If you are an investor and would like to share your investment preferences with us, please send us an email at
To join, you must:
  • Be a legally incorporated for-profit entity, anywhere in the world
  • Have an up-to-date business plan,
  • Have an identified customer base
  • Have basic updated financial projections
  • Articulate a social and/or environmental impact of your products or services
  • Be looking for funding between US$ 300’000 and US$ 20’000’000


What do I need to do to join?

You can access our Investor Readiness coaching sessions without completing the full form, provided that you filled Steps 1-3. For more information, send us an email at, with 'Investor Readiness' in the subject line. One of our senior team will get back to as soon as possible to answer your queries, and explain the process for directly moving forward with coaching sessions. You can also learn more on

However, should you choose not to complete the full Add a Company form, you should note that the Value Compass tool will not be able to accurately help you to identify areas of your investment proposal that may need further work, prior to the coaching sessions, and to pitching your venture to actual investors.
Only Investors and Service Providers on the platform can see a short synopsis of your information once you add your company. They will see your company name, country, sector, what problem do you aim to solve and how, number of employees, SDGs your business helps solve, funding size + type needed, current round of equity, funding secured to date, valuation estimate, as well as your Value Compass score. Information about the inner workings of your business will not be shared publicly.
There is no limit to the number of companies, you are welcome to register as many companies as you want now and in the future.

I registered and have a Value Compass score. What now?

If your Value Compass score is higher than 50%, we will be in touch to set up a call with a senior member of our team to get to know you and your business in a little more detail. Investors on the platform will be made aware that you have joined. If you already need more tailored preparation for your fundraising look through experts available through The Investment Clinic or send us an email at with 'The Investment Clinic' in the subject line.
If your Value Compass score is below 50% and you answered all the questions, this means that certain aspects of your business plan might need to be clarified. Our Investor Readiness services offer coaching to help you understand what investors are looking for and how you can adapt your investment pitch. The Ground_Up Project experts will review your latest business plan and financial projections and will provide the appropriate guidance. If you are interested in these services, send us an email at with 'Investor Readiness' in the subject line or visit
The investors on our platform have diverse interests and timings for their investment portfolios, so you have done everything you need to. We would love to feature investor-ready companies on our blog and in our newsletters, so send us an email at with Investor Awareness in the subject line and we can discuss the details.

Services & Partners

Tell me about Investor Readiness

Investor Readiness is a service designed to suggest areas of improvement to help you make a good first impression and get pre-selected by investors. The service includes:

  • online Value Compass benchmarking on six dimensions of management strength, operations maturity, social impact, country, financials, and environmental issues; it points out potential areas you may want to improve prior to getting in touch with investors.
  • access to webinars and online training sessions, conducted by The Ground_Up Project experts and investors through The Investment Clinic
  • offline 5 x 1h coaching sessions, tailored according to needs and focusing among others on business plan, pitch deck, investment teaser, financials etc. conducted by The Ground_Up Project experts.

Tell me about Investor Awareness

The Investor Awareness service is reserved to companies with a Value Compass >50% and includes:

  • A check of self-assessment Value Compass score (online/ on the phone).
  • Recommendations for coaching to prepare an Investment teaser and other aspects of fundraising.
  • Inclusions in our newsletters, social media, and marketing campaigns
Investor Awareness is provided in a personal, tailored way. The Investor Awareness services do not guarantee an investor will express interest in meeting the entrepreneur, but it can increase the likelihood. Any decision to approach the entrepreneur as well as further contact take place directly between the investor and the entrepreneur.

Tell me about the Partners

To access the largest network of impact entrepreneurs worldwide, The Ground_Up Project has established partnerships with international organizations and other networks including: the Yale Center for Business and the Environment, UN Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, WIPO Green, the International Trade Centre, Impact Hub Geneva & UNDP. We are always open to liaising with other networks around the world, including chambers of commerce, national entrepreneur networks and accelerators. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please write to us at with 'Partnership' in the subject line.

Technical Issues

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